I'm too busy to take care of this project right now. I'll be on vacation later this month, then I'll probably find some time.
[BETA] - DispoMail.eu - free anonymous disposable temporary email addresses


DispoMail.eu offers free access to anomymous disposable email addresses, hosted in Europe.
Need a temporary address to sign up at some website? Want to hide your primary inbox and keep it spam-free?

This is what you get (at no cost!):

About DispoMail.eu

There is no big-ass company behind DispoMail.eu. It's a private project written by a bearded guy in his rented room in the city of Amsterdam. Rumors are he has never seen his website on anything bigger than the 8.9-inch screen of his Eee PC. And that was true for a couple of weeks. It all began with an idea he had in the summer of 2013. Lots of coffee and the music of the local band Claw Boys Claw (these guys are amazing!) were involved while coding. Some work is still to do. Multipart messages are displayed in an ugly way. That has to be fixed. UTF8 is another issue fixed. Yes, there are ads on this site used to cover coffee and hosting expenses. In theory. ;)